A Move and a New(?) Event Calendar

December 7, 2016


What a difference a year and a move make, along with them a too-long hiatus from amateur radio. My wife and I have settled into a new home in a new state -- New Mexico. To celebrate that, I initially opted for a new-old call, WB5BUP, a nod to my Novice call WB1BUP. That makes me ex-WB1BUP, ex-N1ABS (twice), ex-KC1JB, ex-W1PNS. 


But someone alerted me to NM5PS's availability as a call. I tried. I really tried. But I couldn't resist. And from a CW standpoint, it's the most musical call I've ever had. 


Then along came a request from a fellow member of the QRP Club of New England for an event calendar that focuses exclusively on contests, sprints, or other on-air activities around the world in which QRP or QRPp are the only permissible power levels. Presuming said member exhausted Dr. Google before making the request, the wish has been granted, and it's available to the whole QRP community. You can check it out here:




It's very much a work in progress. So if you see or hear of something that isn't on the calendar or you see where corrections are needed, please let me know. Yes, I was the durn fool who volunteered to maintain this puppy.

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